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BAYS High School Spring Soccer

BAYS travel soccer for grades 9 to 12 program is offered in Spring only. High school age players have the  opportunity to continue playing with Needham Soccer Club, even if they participate in high school sports during the spring season. Games are held on Sunday afternoons so as not to conflict with high school sports schedules. Most teams in this age group do not practice, but some coaches may offer training  a few times during the season.

  • Program Overview
    • BAYS U15-18 teams typically don’t have practices
    •  7 games over a season. Games are scheduled on Sunday afternoons
    • BAYS U15-18 teams play 11v11 in divisions I & II

    • BAYS DIII and lower now play 7v7 on a 9v9 size field

Team Selection
Players are not required to tryout. Players are placed on teams using the club’s guidelines including input from former coaches.

NSC BAYS Travel teams are coached by parent volunteers

All coaches and assistants must register online with Needham Soccer Club and complete a CORI background check through Mass Youth Soccer.

Any player interested in playing must register online BEFORE February 10th at 5PM

Player Registration

Late Registrations
All Needham soccer players must be registered on time – No late registrations are accepted

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