Join A Team

Join A Team
– Fall / Spring Player Registration

Key Dates / Deadlines For Spring 2024


10/ 2 / 23


11 / 6 / 23

3rd Grade Travel Coaches:
10 / 20 / 23

Grade Travel Players:
10 / 20 / 23

3rd Grade players must be registered for Spring AND complete the tryout sign up form.

Available Programs

Fall Programs / Age Groups

  • 1st / 2nd Grade Junior Academy (NSCJA)
  • 3rd – 6th Grade “In Town” NSC Champions League (NSCCL)
  • BAYS Travel 4th-8th Grade

Spring Programs / Age Groups

  • 1st / 2nd Grade Junior Academy (NSCJA)
  • 3rd – 6th Grade “In Town” NSCCL
  • BAYS Travel 3rd – 8th Grade
  • BAYS Travel 9th – 12th Grade

Registration Options

Fall Season Registration
(registration window typically runs through May)

Fall – Spring FULL YEAR
(optional during Fall registration window)

Spring Season Registration
(registration window typically runs through October)

* Registration window dates vary slightly each year/season. Typically to open/close on a Monday or Friday.

Full Year Registration

  • Players selecting “FULL YEAR” option during Fall Registration, are automatically enrolled in the following Spring season, and your card will be charged automatically for Spring on 10/1.
  • Spring automatic registration is pending successful completion of that 10/1 charge
  • Players auto enrolled do NOT need to register again for the Spring season.
  • How To Check Your Prior / Existing Registration Status (click here)

Additional Registration Information

Recommended reading prior to registering, click headings below to read more

+ Volunteer Coaches Needed!

Each season we have approx. 1600 players and over 100 teams. Almost all of which are exclusively coached by parent volunteers. Please consider registering as a coach/asst coach. No experience necessary

Returning coaches are required to register and complete all requirements annually.

+ Uniform Policy & Sizing Charts

We strongly recommend all families review our Uniform Policy and Sizing Charts before completing registration. Uniform sizes are selected during the registration process, and we are unable to guarantee being able to swap out incorrect sizes.

+ BAYS Travel Teams / Tryouts

Players in Grade 4-6 (and 3, Spring Only) must be selected to a BAYS Travel team via tryouts and our annual selection process. All players entering the relevant grades are eligible to be considered.

In Grades 7-8, all players are placed on BAYS Travel teams. The first 4 teams of each gender are selected via our tryout / team selection process each year, with remaining players balanced on additional teams that also compete in the BAYS Travel league.

+ How Are Non-Travel Teams Formed?

To form teams in our NSCJA & NSCCL programs, along with 7/8th Grade ‘balanced’ teams, the following criteria is use in order of priority:

  1. Pairing volunteer coaches with their children
  2. Player evaluations/skill level where available
  3. Balance of schools on each team. No “school based teams”
  4. Balance of grades in any dual grade age groups
  5. New teams are formed each Fall-Spring year. Teams typically stay the same or similar between Fall and Spring with the exception of any necessary movement based on changes in registration
  6. After criteria 1-5, we will consider ONE FRIEND request. However, it is not possible to honor all requests.

+ Late Registrations

Registration remains open after our registration deadlines, and we do try to add late players to teams where space is available. However, by default, late players are waitlisted with no guarantee of being placed on a roster.


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