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Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy

We strongly recommend reviewing the below Uniform Policy and Sizing Charts before completing Fall or Spring registration. Uniform sizes are selected during the registration process, and we are unable to guarantee being able to swap out incorrect sizes.

Ordering Your Uniform Size

Uniform sizes are selected during the player registration process.

Players receive one uniform per ‘soccer year’ (e.g. 2021/22) to wear Fall & Spring, with the exception of players that change teams between seasons.

Please review all information on this page carefully before completing registration.

Uniform Policy In Full

● 1st/2nd Grade (NSCJA) players receive a reversible jersey

● 3rd-12th Grade players (BAYS Travel & NSCCL) receive a full Nike uniform of jersey, shorts and socks.

● Only players registered before the registration deadline date will be guaranteed to receive their uniform from their coach at first practice/game of the season. Players registering after the deadline go to the waitlist with no guarantee of being placed on a team.

● Players registering after the deadline, may have an additional $15 fee charged if we are unable to include your uniform order in our initial delivery. The $15 will cover the cost of shipping the uniform directly to you.

● For anyone joining after the deadline, that is placed on a team, uniforms orders will be placed by the club, and uniforms distributed via coaches as soon as possible, but with no guarantee of having them by the first practice/game

● Please ensure you select sizes correctly. Uniform orders are placed by the club based on the selected sizes, and jersey numbers printed to the jerseys. We are unable to return items and switch for a different size once those orders have been processed.

● Players that register for the a season, but withdraw prior to the season start, may have a uniform fee deducted from their refund. If our club uniform order has already been placed/processed at the time if your withdrawal a uniform fee will need to be witheld.

● Replacement uniforms (lost or outgrown) can be ordered/purchased. If you require ordering information, contact admin@needhamsoccer.com . For Spring season, to guarantee delivery by the season start, replacement uniform orders should be placed by February 15th.

Tips For Selecting Sizes (3rd-12th Grade)

● Youth sizes are ‘unisex’ up to Youth Large with no difference between boys and girls uniforms

● Adult sizes are available in Mens or Women’s cut. Women’s cut is a narrower fit, please bear in mind when ordering.

● Girls do not have to order women’s sizes.

● Check the sizing chart before placing your order

● Consider the potential likely growth of your child. Uniforms are used for the full Fall/Spring year.

Find a friend that already has their uniform and try it on/view it for reference before selecting your sizes.

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