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Curriculums/Practice Planning

Practice Plans

All of our Coaches & Players are instructed to use week 1 of the season (4/1 – 4/6) to introduce themselves to the team, meet the players, set team expectations and most importantly have fun!

+Use MOJO to help make FUN practice sessions, your kids better players & YOU a better Coach!

Starting week 2 – NE Revolution Academy Coaches will be on field to assist our 1st Grade teams prior to their weekend games & our 2nd – 8th grade teams on a rotating basis during the week at practices! A schedule of our “On Field Assistance” can be accessed on the link below.

We encourage all of our coaches to utilize the activities in our curriculums below throughout the season. These have been designed and created specifically for our players by our Director of Coaching & Revolution Academy Technical Coordinator, Matt Murray. They are built on the developmental needs & goals of our players based on their specific age, stage and relationship to the game of soccer and align with the best practices and approaches from the leaders in youth and soccer development across the globe!

We strongly encourage our coaches to view the curriculums as a collection of training activities that can be modified and adjusted based on each team’s specific needs and session focus. When used in conjunction with our library of coaching resources we now have the tools to take these activities and customize them to our individual teams and players! 

Example: While week 1 has a session topic of “Ball Mastery”. Say your season focus is on the concept of “Spacing”. Meaning that you really want to stress to your team the importance of having good spacing while in possession. You can still use all of the training activities on week 1 to start to speak about how each player can find and create space for themselves!

With guided questions and directed coaching points we can not only introduce our Ball Mastery Goals for the season, but we can begin to speak to players about dribbling with our head up to avoid defenders or scanning and turning the head to find open space to run into. Now we are relating to our players how the technical element of the game can impact our tactical decisions.

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