Coach Registration & CORI background check & MYSA requirements

CORI & Mass Youth Soccer Adult Volunteer Registration

NSC could not run without dedicated volunteers of all types. Parents are needed to help coach, manage teams and to organize and staff tournaments.

Step 1) Needham Soccer Club Volunteer Registration for SPRING 2018
Click HERE to register to be coach or assistant coach or manager.

Returning coaches must register each year. Please login to your coach account and register for the upcoming season.  Be sure to select the age group and gender and program (NSCCL, Travel or Junior Academy), first choice, second choice, etc. Update your coach profile in Got Soccer with a color headshot for a coaches ID card, any new licenses, completed courses, additional coaching experience, etc.  The Coaches Selection Committee uses this information when selecting travel coaches.

Travel team coaches will be chosen by the Selection Committee using the club’s criteria and will be contacted to observe tryouts. Pre-approved coaches may be invited to observe tryouts.
Step 2) MYSA Registration

All adults (persons age 18 and older) are required to register directly with Mass Youth Soccer.

If you have not completed the Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 Annual Registration with Mass Youth Soccer, please use the Adult Registration Portal on ShareView . If you registered last year, please connect to that previous year’s registration by registering as a Returning User with the username and password that you used to create that account and adding this year’s Adult Registration information.

Important Notes for Adult Registration:

  • You will be required to upload a head shot photo during the Adult Registration process. Must be color (no black & white) and no hats or sunglasses are permitted.
  • Please make sure to have a photo available on the system (computer, phone, tablet, pad) you are using to register.
  • Please use your full legal first and last name (no shortened version) when completing your adult registration.
  • Please double check when choosing your organization(s) for your Adult Registration.
  • If you are having difficulties completing or linking to your last year’s Adult Registration information, please do not create a duplicate registration.  We ask that you call the Affinity Sports Helpline at 800.808.7195 if you need assistance. 

Step 3) CORI Background Check

In order to complete a CORI request, all adults must have completed their Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association’s Adult Registration.  

Adults will no longer be able to complete a CORI request without completing their MYSA Adult Registration first.

The link to complete your required CORI Submission Request (based on CORI Expire Date of None or prior to July 31st 2017) will be sent to you via the “Thank you for registering” email.  The link is 2/3rds down in the content of that “Thank you for registering” email that comes from

To retrieve the CORI Request Link:  Please log into your adult registration account and above your picture you will see “My Account”, click on it then click on “Message Center”.  You can then click on the, “Thank you for registering” message in the upper pane of the page, and in the lower pane you will see the content of the email that holds their CORI URL/link.  The CORI URL/link is about 2/3rds down in the content of the email and it starts with http:// and ends with sessionguid=, you will need to copy and paste to a new tab.

Your Username and Password are needed to complete the CORI Request.

Adult Credentials

MYSA requires all registered, affiliated and CORI approved adults will be required to have a Mass Youth Soccer Adult Credential. The primary purpose of the Adult Credential is for all parents of children to feel comfortable that all adults involved with their training, safety, well-being, coaching, etc. have been properly CORI checked and are in good standing (registered and affiliated, thus insured) by Mass Youth Soccer.  Initially we are relying on each member organization (towns, clubs, and leagues) to act as an SRO (Self-Regulatory Organization) in making sure their adults are in compliance by displaying and possessing the credential as described next.

Initially when arriving at the field the adult should have their credential worn around their neck.  Then, in order not to hamper their activities (coaching, lining fields, running, etc.) they may, if necessary, store the credential with their personal belongings.

The Credentials are universal.  As long as a coach has a valid credential, is registered and affiliated with Mass Youth Soccer and all organization’s he or she is participating with and is CORI Approved, that adult can work with any of his or her listed member organizations.  It is required that they also meet the requirements of the league (i.e. having a valid coach ID Pass Card).

If you have any questions, email Maura at

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