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A library of coaching resources to help our coaches handle ALL the tasks of a coach. From Coaching Practices and Games, Leading your Players and Parents, Managing the Performance Environment, Communications and Logistical planning with your families; to continuing your coaching education both formally through US Soccer/Mass Youth Soccer Coaching Courses and Informal Education of exploring all of our philosophies and recommended approaches to coaching and best practices. Through all of these resources we hope to provide insight into the culture we strive to create for our players at every level of our club!

Matt Murray

Director Of Coaching, Needham Soccer Club

+ NSC Player To Watch Form

The Player Identification process is an area the club has been working to make improvements. With 1700+ players registering every season, getting to know all of our players is a BIG task. One in which needs ALL of our coaches working together. With this form, we are hoping to better leverage what our coaches see out on the fields every week to start collecting a list of recommendations prior to tryouts and our selection meetings! These recommendations will be collected by the club and Travel hopeful coaches can reach out at any point prior to the team selection meetings to ask what players coaches suggest they take a look at before the end of the season!

The list will be kept confidential, as with all of our Player Evaluations, Tryout Data & Selection Meetings.   However we will be able to better share some names and teams to watch, based directly of our coaches feedback, to our potential travel team coaches before the season ends. Our hope that it will make for a more informed conversation come our selection meetings!

+ Player Evaluation Form

Player Identification and Evaluations from all of our parent volunteer coaches are a vital piece in the team selection process for our BAYS Travel Teams each season! Coaches will be asked and expected to fill out for each player on their roster. Needham Soccer Club now uses TeamGenius for all our Player Evaluations. A link will be sent direct to coaches emails. Click the link, follow the instructions to complete player evaluations to be automatically submitted to NSC!

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