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BAYS Referee Payment Information

BAYS Referee Payment Information

BAYS Referee Payment Information

  • Referee and Assistant Referees for all BAYS games are paid directly by BAYS (direct debit) during the season.
  • BAYS Referees and AR’s must submit a game report for each game in order to be paid

New BAYS Referees must submit required pay forms to BAYS before they can be assigned games.

BAYS Referee Pay Rates

All BAYS Game fees are paid directly to referees by the BAYS league.

Center Referee Grade 12 (Spring only) – 11v11$75
Center Referee Grade 11 (Spring only) – 11v11$65
Center Referee Grade 9-12 (Spring only) – 7v7$55
Center Referee Grade 8 – 11v11$55
Center Referee Grade 5 & 6 – 9v9$40
Center Referee Grade 3 & 4 – 7v7$30
Assistant (sideline) Referee Grade 11 & 12 (Spring only) – 11v11$40
Assistant (sideline) Referee Grade 8 – 11v11$30
Assistant (sideline) Referee Grade 5 & 6 – 9v9 $25

BAYS Referees Bonus Program (NSC Only)

Needham Soccer Club operate our own bonus program for our pool of BAYS Referees. This is separate from your BAYS pay and is paid at the end of the season based on the number of games you referee (in any position).

# of Games RefereedBonus Amount
10-19 Games$30
20-29 Games$60
30+ Games$100
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