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Mandatory Coaching Requirements

No adult is permitted to coach, assist or help out with NSC players, teams or programs in any capacity without first completing all adult registration requirements below AND being in possession of an MA Youth Soccer credentials lanyard for the CURRENT Fall-Spring ‘soccer year’ (e.g Fall 2021 – Spring 2022)

Thank you for your interest in coaching or volunteering with Needham Soccer Club. All our teams are volunteer coached and we are always in need of enthusiastic Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and volunteers.

No prior soccer experience is necessary, just enthusiasm, and completion of mandatory registration requirements.

Head coaches must be 18+ but we do offer volunteer opportunities for 7th Grade+ through our TOPSoccer and Mentor programs – Click here for more info

Fall 2023 – Spring 2024 Coach Registration: Open

Spring 3rd Grade Travel Team Coach Applicant Registration Deadline: Oct. 20th

Two separate MANDATORY Parts Each Fall-Spring Year To Coach with NSC:

+ Register With Needham Soccer Club Via GotSport – Click Here

GotSport is our club management system, and is used for all club registrations and roster building/management. All coaches must be registered in order to get access to rosters and team communication tools once teams are released.

Coaches are required to register annually on GotSport for each Fall-Spring year.

+ Additional Massachusetts Youth Soccer Requirements – Click Here

As mandated by federal law, and enforced by MA Youth Soccer, Needham Soccer Club follows a comprehensive Adult Registration and CORI/SORI security background check procedure, as well as mandatory completion of abuse prevention training, and concussion course, as well as required policy review requirements for all adults working with children in youth sports.

These requirements are administered via a separate platform called US Soccer Connect. Once completed/up to date, coaches can be issued their MA Youth Soccer credentials lanyard which should be carried for all practices and games with NSC. No adult is permitted to coach without being credentialed.

This is a multistep process, and understandably coaches can sometimes find it difficult to navigate the various components or understand what’s missing. The step by step instructions below should get you through everything if followed in full. If you are still having trouble, please review our help/FAQ section below. If you still have difficulty contact

Some helpful tips BEFORE STARTING: 

  • Be sure to use the same email address and password for ALL of your MA SafeSoccer components.
  • Returning coaches – use the same login credentials each year
  • Strongly recommend that you complete the registration and training steps on a computer
  • Be sure to use your full LEGAL first, middle, and last name.
  • You need to have your driver’s license number and expiration date.
  • You need to have a color head shot photo (under 1 MB in size) on the device you are using that can be uploaded (initial registration only, returning users’ photos are stored). You will also need a photo to upload within the initial Abuse Training course.
    • The selected photo must be a CLEAR, HEAD Only picture of you with NO other people in the picture, no sunglasses, no hats, and sufficiently well lit and CLOSE enough to clearly see your face. Parts of other people, including faces, arms, hands, etc. are also not allowed.

Step By Step Guide

(click each step for more info)

A lot of returning coaches miss step 1. In addition to completing the training items below, you must also register with MA Youth Soccer each new Fall-Spring year.

+ Step 1: Register Each Fall-Spring Year With MA Youth Soccer

Coaches, new and returning, must be registered with the State Association (MA Youth Soccer) for the CURRENT Fall-Spring year.

New coaches, you must use your full legal name on this account.

  • Follow the red button above to begin the MA Youth Soccer Adult Registration step.
  • Click the Green Returning User box or use the Blue Create New Account if you have never coached with Needham Soccer Club before. Season is Fall 2022 – Spring 2023.
  • Go through the steps – filling out forms and clicking the green buttons to continue. If you need a help guide click: HELP GUIDE
  • When completed, you will get an email confirmation from Mass Youth Soccer immediately upon registering titled: Thank You for Registering, Your Name
  • Once you have completed this as a new coach for the first time, you will now have a US Soccer Connect account that you can use to manage the training requirements detailed below. You should use this same account for all future years, but you will still complete the above registration step each Fall-Spring year, selecting the Returning User option in future.

+ Step 2: Complete SafeSport Abuse Prevention Online Course (or annual refresher)

New Coaches

Allow 90+ minutes for Initial SafeSport Training Course. Required for the first Fall-Spring year in which you coach with NSC.

Returning Coaches

30 minute annual refresher required each following Fall-Spring Year

Example 1: New coach in Spring 2022 will need to complete the initial course. To then coach any time during the following Fall 2022-Spring 2023 year, they will need to complete a refresher.

Example 2: A new coach in the Fall of 2021 will have completed the initial course. Their next refresher course will be for the Fall 2022-Spring 2023 year.


  • CLICK HERE to login to your US Soccer Connect account. Navigate to the “certificates”section to find a link to SafeSport training.
  • Note – the SafeSport website has changed and returning users will need to reset their password to login to a prior SafeSport account.
  • New users will need to create a SafeSport account. You must use the same full name and email address used for step 1.
  • Returning users, DO NOT create duplicate accounts! Doing so will mean you will have to redo prior courses!

Once logged in to SafeSport:

Initial Course (new coaches), is called: “SafeSport Trained – U.S. Soccer Federation”

Returning Coaches. course names vary but include: “Refresher 1”, “Refresher 2”, etc in their title.

Once Completed:

If you used the same login details as your MA Youth Soccer registration, your US Soccer Connect account should automatically sync and update your SafeSport status.

+ Step 3: Complete CDC “Heads Up” Concussion Training (every 2 years)

Allow approx. 45 minutes to complete.

Required every 2 ‘soccer years’ (Fall-Spring = 1 year). Must be manually uploaded

New Coaches

Must create a CDC Train account and manually upload PDF certificate to US Soccer Connect account.

Returning Coaches

Must retake after 2 Fall-Spring years

Example 1: New coach in Spring 2022 will need to complete the initial course. They will not need to redo for the Fall 2022-Spring 2023 year. They will next need to retake the training if they wish to coach during the Fall 2023-Spring 2024 year because at that point their certificate will have been valid in 2 different Fall-Spring ‘years’ already.

Example 2: A returning coach, that last took the course during the Fall 2020-Spring 2021 year will not need to redo to coach during the Fall 2021-Spring 2022 year. They will need to redo the course to coaching during the Fall 2022-Spring 2023 year, which in turn will be valid for Fall 2023-Spring 24 also.


  • CLICK HERE to create an account/login on the CDC Train website
  • Tips for CDC Train account set up as it gets complex and is not very clear:
    • Group: Other
    • Region: Region 4B lists Needham (If you live in a different town, search the regions for your town)
    • You will need to fill out your profile before you can register for a course:
      • Organization Name: Needham Soccer Club; Dept: Soccer; Title: Coach
      • Professional Role: Volunteer
      • Work Setting: Other; then type in Youth Sports Organization
  • After you have created your profile setup, click on the Course Catalog tab and search for: HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Online Training for Coaches
  • Select the Green Pre-Assessment button to start 
  • After the pre-assessment, you will be able to launch the course. The site will save any incomplete progress.
  • SAVE your completion certificate PDF to your computer (no screenshots/photos)

Once Completed:

  • Login To Your US Soccer Connect account (CLICK HERE)
  • Navigate to the certificates tab and upload the PDF certificate

+ Additional Step For 1st Time Coaches

  • Login here:
  • Print out a copy of the two page CORI Acknowledgement Form
  • Click on the “Applications” link under your picture in your US Soccer Connect account then select Receipts & Forms on the line that says ADULT/CORI Registration.
  • Sign page 2 of the form on the Signature of CORI subject line
  • Then follow the instructions below to send it in.

Contact to can set up a time to validate your form and driver’s license ID virtually.       


Send the signed CORI Acknowledgement form, along with a copy of the front of your Driver’s License as validating ID, via email (scan or just take a legible picture) and send it to:

Signed CORI Acknowledgement receipt form and copy of Driver’s license required. 

NB: If you have previously coached with NSC AND been ID verified (have a prior year’s lanyard) you do not need to re-submit your CORI acknowledgement to the registrar.

Once all steps are completed, coaches receive a printed credential/lanyard from the club that you must have at all practices/games/clinics. Returning coaches that still have their plastic lanyard sleeve may be sent the new credentials via email/PDF to print at home, new coaches will receive their lanyard and printed credential at pre-season coaches meetings/uniform pick up.

U.S. Soccer Connect Tech Support

If you are having issues with this system or downloading your forms, please contact tech support immediately. This system is not run by NSC, and we cannot help you with account set up or password issues.Help line number: (800) 808-7195 or (855) 703-2558.

Additional Help / FAQs

The above steps can seem lengthy and difficult to follow. Before contacting for assistance, please check out the FAQs below which may help answer some common questions and resolve issues you may be having.

+ I’ve coached before, and remember doing the MA Youth Soccer stuff. Do i need to do it again?

Yes. At the very least you will have to register with MA Youth Soccer for the current Fall-Spring year (as a returning user, with your same account).

Depending on when you coached, you will likely need to take a SafeSport initial or refresher course.

You will also likely need to take the CDC Concussion training course unless you already have a certificate dated within the current or prior Fall-Spring year.

Instructions for all steps can be found above.

+ I am involved with other youth sports and have already completed these trainings. Do I need to do them again?

If you have completed the SafeSport and/or CDC Concussion trainings for other organizations or sports, there is the option to manually upload certificates in US Soccer Connect.


  1. you must still complete the MA Youth Soccer registration step.
  2. You will need to have the PDF certificates for the courses in question to upload in your US Soccer Connect account.
  3. The certificates must be suitably dated in order to be valid.

(see the “How do i find out if my trainings are up to date?” question above)

+ I just completed all my requirements to coach in the Spring. I’m all set for Fall right?


Requirements are annual, and align with each Fall-Spring ‘year’. So a coach that completed required for Spring 2022 for example, will only be credentialed for the Fall 2021-Spring 2022 year. The Fall is always the start of a new year, and you will have at least some requirements to fulfill to get your credential for that year.

You will need to register for the new years with MA Youth Soccer, and complete at least a SafeSport refresher course. CDC Concussion course must be taken every 2 years.

+ I just want to coach my child, and am already giving up my time as a volunteer. Why do I need do this extra work?

We greatly appreciate the time our volunteer coaches dedicate to the program, and understand that the above process is time consuming.

However, all requirements are mandatory for a number of reasons including:

  1. The safety of the players in our care is our number 1 priority. This process ensures all our volunteers are background checked, and have been trained in abuse prevention and dealing with concussions.
  2. Insurance/Liability – as a club that falls under MA Youth Soccer, they also carry our insurance. We are required to meet their requirements. As coaches you are not insured to coach if you are not in compliance.
  3. Legal obligation under The SafeSport Act

+ I’m a returning coach. How do i find out if my trainings are up to date?

Please note, regardless of the status of your trainings, you will need to also need to complete the MA Youth Soccer registration step for the current Fall-Spring ‘year’.

+ I’m having trouble logging in and have not been able to reset my password


+ In my GotSport account it says my requirements are complete, but NSC Admin is telling me I have outstanding requirements.

GotSport is the platform we as a club use to manage rosters, teams, schedules and more. It’s used by many clubs, and it does have the functionality to manage SafeSport and CDC Concussion requirements. So sometimes coaches do find that option on their GotSport profile and do so.

However, Massachusetts Youth Soccer use only the US Soccer Connect platform to monitor compliance in our case. As a club that falls under MA Youth Soccer jurisdiction we are required to use their systems to meet these mandatory requirements.

If you completed these steps via GotSport in error, you can still follow the above instructions to get set up on US Soccer Connect and will have the option to manually upload certificates if needed.

+ I coached in the Fall. Am I all set for Spring?

Assuming you completed all requirements and are in possession of your lanyard for the current Fall-Spring year, then yes.

If for some reason you never completed everything, you will not be permitted to continue coaching without doing so.

+ I have a credentials lanyard already. Am I all set?

Only if it is dated within the current Fall-Spring year.

For example, a 2021-22 lanyard is valid for the Fall 2021 season and Spring 2022 season. A 2021-22 lanyard, will not be valid for Fall 2022 as that will be the start of a new ‘year’.

+ I have logged into US Soccer Connect. All my trainings appear to be up to date and in compliance, but NSC Admin tells me I am not cleared. What have I missed?

The most commonly missed step by far, is the MA Youth Soccer registration step. If you are a returning coach, you will be able to login to your existing account, view, and complete trainings. However without that registration step you are not an MA Youth Soccer affiliated coach for the CURRENT year.

+ We are undermanned for coaches this weekend, and another parent is going to step in. Is this ok?


No adult is permitted to work with, assist, coach or help out with an NSC team in any capacity without being appropriately checked and credentialed by MA Youth Soccer.

Try to plan ahead where possible, so if a situation is going to arise, then a stand in parent has the time go through all steps and become credentialed in time to help.

If you are looking to add somebody to your team’s coaching staff, inform

As an alternative, consider asking an already credentialed coach to step in with your team.

As a last resort, you should look to postpone the game/practice until you have a credentialed coach available.

For liability reasons and the safety of our players, under no circumstances can a non-credentialed adult coach NSC teams.

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