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BAYS Travel Referees

BAYS Travel Referees

Requesting Games

Submit your game availability via email to admin@needhamsoccer.com by 9am Thursday each week.

Assignments are typically made by end of day Thursday. Please remember to ‘accept’ your assignments by Thursday night.

To Begin Requesting Games, BAYS Referees must:

Weather/Field Status – Check Field Status In Inclement Weather

  • Remember to check your field status ahead of each game.
  • If field is open, referee has authority to cancel a game if fields are unplayable/unsafe
  • If the field has not been closed but has puddles forming, referees should cancel the game.
  • SAFETY FIRST ~ During Heat Wave Temperatures, please make sure water breaks are given.

Certify / Recertify

Weekly Schedule

Field Status

Payment Information

Login To BAYS.org

Weekly Assignment Process

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