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Become a Referee / Recertify

Become A Referee

Needham Soccer club offers opportunity to referee in 2 of our core programs during both Fall and Spring seasons.


Needham Soccer Club Champions League (NSCCL)

‘In-town’ Recreational program for players in grades 3-6. All games are assigned a center referee. Games played on Saturdays & Sundays during Fall/Spring.

No referee experience required. Must be aged 12 or older on June 30th of the current year. Great way to start out as a referee and gain experience.

Recommended for new/young referees starting out to gain experience.

4 NSCCL Divisions: 3rd/4th Grade, 5th/6th Grade (boys and girls). New referees typically start out refereeing 3rd/4th Grade 7v7 games, with opportunity to progress to 9v9 (5th/6th grade) as they gain more experience and confidence.

New referees receive a free referee uniform/pack upon ahead of their first season*

*New referees are expected to complete at least 5 games over the first season

Weekly games assignments, paid monthly by NSC.

NSCCL courses are an unofficial certification and allow you to referee only in our NSCCL program.

Courses Intro & refresher courses typically held in March/ahead of the Spring season each year. See below for latest courses.

New NSCCL Referees
Must register via GotSport and attend ONE Introductory Referee Course to begin refereeing.

Returning NSCCL Referees
Must register via GotSport for each season and attend annual refresher course.

Latest NSCCL Referee Information

Spring 2024 Season
Games begin weekend of April 6 & 7. games are played Saturdays/Sundays.

Spring 2024 NSCCL Referee Registration
(New & Returning Refs)

Courses for NEW referees are held ahead of Spring only
Returning refs must attend refresher course each Spring

BAYS Travel

Boston Area Youth Soccer League (BAYS)

Competitive Travel League for players in Grades 3-12* with weekly Saturday games during Fall and Spring.

*Grade 3, and Grade 9-12 are Spring only

Official State certification (FIFA affiliated) from MassRef required. Referees must be 14 or older to take their MassRef certification.

Course fees are reimbursed by NSC upon completion of all courses/requirements

Various referee positions/levels so younger/newer refs can gain experience, work their way up and increase earnings:

  • 7v7 Center Ref (3rd/4th Grade games)
  • 9v9 Center Ref (5th/6th Grade games)
  • 9v9 Assistant Ref (sideline ref)
  • 11v11 Center Ref (7th/8th Grade games)
  • 11v11 Assistant Ref (sideline ref)

Smaller pool of referees, meaning referees are able to receive more game assignments each week. NSCCL Referees are encouraged to move into BAYS once they are old enough and have a couple of seasons of experience in NSCCL

Higher rates of pay, increasing as you take on larger game formats (9v9 and 11v11). Paid directly by BAYS.

Bonus program for our most active referees

Travel game assignments from NSC are all in Needham. However State certified referees are able to branch out into other towns, leagues and tournaments of their own accord.

New BAYS Travel Referees

Step 1:
Create MassRef account and complete all mandatory steps on the link below, including attending required course AND field session.

Step 2:
Once certified, create a referee account on bays.org. The BAYS site is used to receive and manage your games assignments. You’ll be asked to apply to Needham Soccer Club during the process.

Step 3:
Submit required pay forms to BAYS. You cannot receive game assignments without having submitted these forms.

Returning BAYS Travel Referees

Referees must complete annual recertification requirements to remain active.

Referees can do the recertification process if they have not let their certification lapse more than 3 years. After a 3 years lapse, referee must certify as a new referee.

Contact admin@needhamsoccer.com with any questions.


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