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Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)

PCA has made its name by presenting more than 20,000 live workshops for youth and high school sports leaders, coaches, parents and athletes, who have called their workshop experience “transformative” and “life-changing.”

Needham Soccer Club is excited to be bringing one of these live PCA Workshop’s to Needham This May FOR FREE! As we celebrate our 50th season, we continue to look to make it one to remember and another year to build on our culture of improving and using the game as our platform to develop our young members.

Join us and PCA Trainer John Cunningham as he leads a live FREE workshop at Pollard Middle School on May 5th in the Lecture Hall from 5:30 – 7:00pm for anyone looking to make a more positive impact on our kids! John will explain PCA’s three key principles — Redefining “Winning” as Mastery of Sport, Filling Emotional Tanks and Honoring the Game — and leads attendees through a series of interactive exercises based on common youth sports scenarios.

Space is Limited so don’t wait and risk missing out on the opportunity to learn how you can truly make a difference in your child/players lives this season! It’s only just begun – Sign up today!!

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Needham Soccer Club is committed to providing opportunities for continued education and development for all our coaches through our partnership with Mass Youth Soccer and their nationally recognized coach educators in the US Soccer Federation and United Soccer Coaches (Formally NSCAA – National Soccer Coaches Association of America).

As of January 2018, U.S. Soccer has announced eight (8) new grassroots level coaching courses that will be focused on “empowering coaches through experiential learning and a player-centered approach”. The new Grassroots Licensing Courses will consist of four (4) in-person experiences and four (4) online experiences. Coaches will have the option to engage in any of these new courses – in any sequence – after completing a free introductory module provided by U.S. Soccer.

“This new, a-la-carte approach is meant to empower grassroots coaches to access education – relevant to their needs and specific coaching environment – immediately through these new low barrier opportunities,” said Frank Tschan, Director of Coaching Administration for US Soccer.

Concurrently with the roll out of the new courses, the current F and E courses will transition out of the U.S. Soccer Coaching Pathway. These licenses will still be recognized by U.S. Soccer and both certifications remain relevant as a means to advance within the pathway.

Mandatory Licenses & Training

As a result NSC has updated our minimum requirements for all of our coaches to align with the new Grassroots Coaching structure.

Given that coaches are allowed to take these grassroots courses in ANY order; NSC encourages all of our coaches to complete both the online and in person course that aligns with the current level in which they are coaching.

NSCJA COACHES – Grassroots 4v4 Course

Click to take online 4v4 Course

3rd/4th Grade Coaches – Grassroots 7v7 Course

Click to take 7v7 Course online

5th/6th Grade  Coaches – Grassroots 9v9 Course

Click to take 9v9 Course online

7th Grade & UP Coaches – Grassroots 11v11 Course

Click to take 11v11 Course online

Eligibility Requirements:
In order to register for any of the DCC’s Online Courses, candidates must have completed U.S. Soccer’s Introduction to Grassroots Coaching module. This module can be accessed here.

As coaches continue with Needham Soccer Club and move through the age groups, they are encouraged to work up the license pathway. Licenses are also one of our criteria taken into consideration when it comes to selecting coaches for BAYS Travel teams. Needham Soccer Club periodically hosts these courses in town. While you can also find a master list of courses being held across the state at Mass Youth Soccer.

NSC will reimburse the cost of license registration fees for all coaches! 
**Reimbursement requests should be emailed along with your receipt to the club treasurer –

Further Coach Education THIS SPRING!

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