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Development Philosophy

NSC Player Pathway

NSC players play with their grade, in one of our core programs. As coaches, our aim is to the lay the foundations and skill set to prepare players for the next level and their long term development.

Needham Development Pathway2

Player Model & Development Matrix

Long term, an NSC player should aim to develop a range of technical, tactical, psychological/social attributes during their time with the club:


Player Model


These attributes are built over time. The Player Development Matrix guides coaches on which areas are generally most important to focus on and develop at each stage of the player pathway.

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Style of Play

At NSC we want to see our teams and players learning to play the ‘modern game’. That means teaching and developing good habits. While the Player Model and Development Matrix helps coaches set goals on individual player development, this ‘Style of Play’ emphasizes team development and encourages players and coaches to think about the way they play, not just the ‘outcome’.

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