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Player Development Philosophy

NSC Player Development Philosophy

The Standards, Training Directive’s and Initiatives listed in our “NSC Player Development Philosophy” above are intended to help our coaching staff deliver on our goal of creating a player-centric environment by providing guidelines for age appropriate focus.

Although these are not currently mandated, NSC believes our coaches should adopt these principles to align with our values and objectives for player development. Many of these have been taken directly from US Soccer Federation’s new Grassroots Coach Education and Player Development Initiatives, and tweaked to fit the needs of Needham Soccer Club players.

Both sets of Player Development Initiatives have specifically been designed to help address a few key points of interest for our players that include..

  • Moving focus away from the team, and on to the individual.
  • Moving focus away from bigger, faster, stronger.
  • Uniformity across the entire club.
  • Align with international standards for youth development.
  • Develop improved skills with the ball.
  • Develop intelligence with and without the ball.
  • Develop character both on and off the field.
  • Provide Age Appropriate Environments.

Put simply, the Player Development Philosophy and information is encouraged for our coaches to use as best practice methods.


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