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Needham Parks & Recreation

Field Status

Needham Park & Recreation recommends signing up for “
Notify Me” a service the town offers which will email you field status on weekdays by 3:00PM, Monday to Friday.  Use this link to sign up for the service allowing you to know if fields are open or closed that day.

The Needham Soccer Club will make judgements on field closings during the seasons on weekends.  Updates are typically done on Saturday AND Sunday by 7:30AM and throughout the day and will be shown on the Needham Soccer Club home page of our website.

Important Information and Forms

The Accident and Medical Issues form is to be used for any concerns related to the health of athletes, coaches and spectators. If someone is injured due to a condition at a field, it is important for that information to be reported as soon as possible. Examples: heat exhaustion, asthma or allergic reaction.

The Incident Report is for other issues that are field related but not specific to immediate health problems. Examples: vandalism, broken bench, fence problem, trash.

Park & Recreation Accident Form http://www.needhamma.gov/DocumentCenter/View/9159

Park & Recreation Incident From http://www.needhamma.gov/DocumentCenter/View/9160

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