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Field Scheduling Policy

As with any youth sports organization the scheduling of field resources is one of the most time consuming and difficult tasks an organization must accomplish season after season. We are fortunate here in Needham to have a very supportive Park and Recreation Commissions and Department who provide us with excellent facilities for our youth athletes. These facilites are shared each season by the Needham Soccer Club, Junior Football and Cheerleading, Boys Lacrosse, Girls Lacrosse, Needham Baseball and Softball, Needham Track Club and others. These shared facilities are also used by all Needham Public School athletic teams and after school programs as well as Needham adult athletic programs.

In order to adequately provide playing facilities for all Needham athletic programs in 2005 the Needham Soccer Club adopted the following field scheduling policy for allocation of field time within the clubs assigned field permits.

  • Needham Soccer Club (NSC) field use is only permitted during the clubs official permitted times. These times change throughout the year.
  • Head coaches may request a specific practice day and time however they may NOT request a practice location (field). The town of Needham does not have the field capacity for the NSC to accommodate specific field requests.
  • Head coaches may send practice day and time requests to fieldscheduler@needhamsoccer.com as soon as roster notification is made by the club.
  • Practice day and time requests will be processed first come – first served and should be done by email only.
  • Each field is lined for a specific format or formats (7v7, 9v9, 11v11). 7v7 teams will be given priority on 7v7 fields, 9v9 teams will be given priority on 9v9 fields and 11v11 teams will be given priority on 11v11 fields.
  • Turf fields are currently lined for 11v11 format only for this reason priority will be given to teams playing 11v11.
  • On fields with lights the 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM time slot will primarily be used for U14 and older teams and the 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM time will primarily be used for U12 and younger teams once all 11v11 priority teams have been assigned.
  • BAYS teams DO NOT automatically qualify for time on the turf fields. Travel teams will be given two practice times per week at least one practice time will be on a field lined for that teams format of play.
  • If a day and/or time request is not made by the Head Coach we can only assume that any day or time will work for that team.
  • The NSCCL Saturday clinic is considered a training time for NSCCL teams. This is a critical part of the NSCCL program that is staffed by professional trainers. Therefore this training will be scheduled on one of the available turf fields.
  • Coaches who are the head coach of more than one team are encouraged to contact the field scheduler early in order to address any potential training schedule conflicts.
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