The resources and links on this page are age appropriate curriculums specifically designed to align with our player centric, Player Development Philosophy for 1st/2nd grade, 3rd/4th grade, 5th/6th grade and 7th grade and above. They are intended to help guide you through not only 1 specific practice but the entire season as well!

We strongly encourage our coaches to view the curriculums as a collection of training activities that can be modified and adjusted based on each team’s specific needs and session focus. When used in conjunction with our library of coaching resources we now have the tools to take these activities and customize them to our individual teams and players! (Example Below)


Spring 2024 Revolution Academy On Field Assistance Schedule! – Coming Soon!

  • Needham Soccer Club is partnered with the New England Revolution Academy! As part of this partnership, Coaches from the Academy will be on field throughout the duration of the season to assist our coaches and teams during our week day practices. Clink the link above to see when your team is assigned to have help this season!

Spring 2024 – 1st Grade. 4/8                  Spring 2024- 2nd Grade. Week of 4/8

Spring 2024 – 1st Grade. 4/15                   Spring 2024 – 2nd Grade. Week of 4/15

Spring 2024 – 1st Grade. 4/22                   Spring 2024 – 2nd Grade. Week of 4/22

Spring 2024 – 1st Grade. 4/29                   Spring 2024- 2nd Grade. Week of 4/29

Spring 2024 – 1st Grade.  5/6                    Spring 2024 – 2nd Grade. Week of 5/6

Spring 2024 – 1st Grade. 5/13                   Spring 2024 – 2nd Grade. Week of 5/13


Needham 3rd.4th Grade Spring 2024                  Needham 5th.6th Grade – Spring 2024


Needham 7th.8th Grade – Spring 2024

Example: While week 1 has a session topic of “Ball Mastery”. Let’s say your season focus is on the concept of “Spacing”. Meaning that you really want to stress to your team the importance of having good spacing while in possession. You can still use all of the training activities on week 1 to start to speak about how each player can find and create space for themselves!

With guided questions and directed coaching points we can not only introduce our Ball Mastery Goals for the season, but we can begin to speak to players about dribbling with our head up to avoid defenders, or scanning and turning the head to find open space to run into. Now we are relating to our players how the technical element of the game can impact our tactical decisions.

These curriculums are intellectual property of the NE Revolution Academy and Needham Soccer Club and are intended for internal club use only!
Passwords for the curriculums will be released in our DOC’s first Coaches Corner email of the season. Other requests for access can be sent to



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