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NSCCL Game Requests

NSCCL Game Requests

Weekly process for requesting games as a NSCCL Referee

Recommended: Submit weekly to ensure the assignor is receiving up to date information on your availability

Monday – Thursday each week
Complete and submit the below form with your availability for the upcoming weekend
(Thursday 9am weekly deadline)

Thursday each week (by 10pm)
Check your emails AND GotSport account for any assignments for the coming weekend. Accept your assignment(s) in your GotSport account.

You MUST check your game assignments and accept (or reject if absolutely necessary) by 10pm Thursday night for the upcoming weekend so the assignor knows games are all covered, and is aware of any open games.

Games that are not accepted MAY be reassigned to another referee and may impact your future assignments.

If your availability has changed and you are not able to take a game. You MUST reject in GotSport AND notify the referee assignor by email – admin@needhamsoccer.com with as much notice as possible.

Friday each week
If any games remain open, referee assignor will send an email to the referee pool. Check it for any open games and reply/email admin@needhamsoccer.com if you are available and want to pick it up!

Saturday / Sunday each week
1. Double check your assignments – time and location.
2. Arrive 15 minutes early. Arriving for kick of time is LATE. Notify the assignor if you are coming from another activity and know you will not be their at least 10 minutes before kick off.
3. Referee your game(s)

4. Very Important – Report scores via your GotSport account as soon as possible. Referees are only paid for games with scores

Assignor Request – Please Submit Your Availability Weekly To Ensure Most Up To Date Info Is Being Submitted

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