Below page you can find schedules for upcoming/current seasons for practices, games and clinics.  You will need to know your program and team name to locate your schedule. All schedules are subject to official town permits and opening of fields, and typically release in March for Spring, and August for Fall.

All schedules are subject to current Field Status

Any changes to practice and game schedules, must be approved by the field

Spring 2021 BAYS Travel 3rd-12th Grade Schedules

To look up your team’s games schedule you will first need to know the division placement. Contact your coach if unsure.

BAYS Travel Practices begin week starting April 5th. Opening Games 4/10

Spring 2021 NSC Junior Academy (NSCJA)
1st & 2nd Grade Schedules

2nd Grade Practices Begin Week Beginning: 4/12/2021

Opening NSCJA Games: 4/17/2021

2nd Grade Teams also have an additional 1 hour weeknight team practice.

No midweek team practices for 1st Grade.

Spring 2021 NSC Champions League (NSCCL)
3rd – 6th Grade (in-town) Schedules

Practices Begin Week Beginning: 4/12/2021

Opening NSCCL Games: Weekend of 4/17 & 4/18



Needham Soccer Club is partnered with the New England Revolution Academy! As part of this partnership, Coaches from the Academy will be on field throughout the duration of the season to assist our coaches and teams during our week day practices.

Beginning April 12th, on a rotational basis, these coaches will be assigned to work with a different team (or teams) each night. Their goal is more than just assisting you in running practice. More importantly, they are there to help you learn how to execute a specific session from our age-appropriate practice curriculums!

The benefits of this approach are muti-faceted. For starts it provides all of our players with an opportunity to learn from the professionals at the Revolution Academy. However it additionally provides that same opportunity to all our coaches! By coming prepared with the exact same session plan both our coaches and the Academy coaches will literally be on the same page. Through conversations, questions and demonstrations you will be able to see first hand just how we to better utilize our complete library of professionally designed training activities on our Curriculums Page of our website! You’ll see for yourself how to set up the session, organize the players, communicate the exercises, engage the team and do it all in a way that makes the most of our time while making it educational for everyone and most importantly makes it FUN for our kids!

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