Travel Team Tryout Process

Fall 2020 Travel Team Tryout Process

In the Fall season, Needham Soccer Club NORMALLY holds 1 open tryout for all of our Current 3rd Graders. This tryout is meant to help select 1 Travel Team (13 players) for both Boys & Girls to represent Needham in the U9 BAYS Travel League for the following spring season. These teams are selected with the aim of competing in the strongest possible division within BAYS, so while tryouts are NOT mandatory in order to be selected it is strongly recommended if able to attend!

However due to the cancelled Spring 2020 season & inability to hold our usual tryouts at that time, NSC made the decision to delay adding our 2nd, 4th Grade & 3rd, 6th Grade teams for the Fall 2020 season.

As a result, for Fall 2020 we will be holding tryouts to add 1 additional Travel team in 4th and 6th Grade as well as our normal one 3rd Grade travel team to compete in the Bay Area Soccer League for the Spring 2021 Season! Only players wishing to be considered for these teams need to attend. Players on existing travel teams do NOT need to attend!

The vast majority of our program is non-travel at this age and players not selected will be placed into our in-town NSCCL program for the spring season.

Any Player planning to attend tryouts for these NEW travel teams should register by end of day on November 5th!

The Fall 2020 tryouts for these new Spring 2021 travel teams will take place over the course of 2 days..

Friday November 6th

  • 6th Grade Boys: 6:15 – 7:45pm
  • 6th Grade Girls: 6:15 – 7:45pm

Sunday November 8th

  • 3rd Grade Boys:  8:00  – 9:30 AM at Cricket Field!
  • 4th Grade Boys:  9:45 – 11:15AM at Cricket Field!
  • 3rd Grade Girls: 12:30 – 2:00pm at DeFazio Park!
  • 4th Grade Girls:   2:15 – 3:45pm at DeFazio Park!

 Please be sure to arrive 15 minutes early for check in! Bring a Mask, Water, Cleats, Shin guards and dress appropriately for the weather!

NSC Travel Team Tryout Process

  • 1.5 Hour Private Tryout Session. Organized by Dan Brownridge (Tryout Director) & Mark Beaumont (NSC Admin/Registrar).
    • NSC Requests that ALL Parents stay away from tryout field to give players & coaches space to play and observe freely.
  • Run by Director of Coaching Matt Murray with help from the Professional Coaching Staff of the New England Revolution Academy to evaluate each station.
    • Professional Coaches are used for their expertise, as they work year round with players of this age & level to allow for a consistent evaluation score at each station & unbiased opinion on all of our NSC players!
  • Tryout consists of 4 Skills Stations as well as 45 Minutes of Game Play.
    • During the skills stations players get scored 1-5 on 2 topics per station, for a maximum score of 10 at each station and 40 as an overall score. Stations Include..
      • 1v1 Station
      • Passing & Possession Station
      • 3v2 Station
      • Defending Station
    • During the Game Play Phase.. Players will play 3, 12 minute games where the Revolution Coaches will mix players around between each game so players can have opportunities to play different positions, with different players and be evaluated by different coaches.
  • Following Tryouts – Scores for each station are collected by DOC, organized & made available at earliest possible date for slated coaches to review.

NSC Process for Selecting Travel Team Head Coach

  • Coaches MUST Register & Highlight Desire to coach Travel Team by November 2nd 2020!
  • NSC Selection Committee meets prior to tryout date to review potential coaching candidates. Committee reviews all relevant information (IE. What coaching licenses & certificates do you hold? How long have you been coaching? What playing experience & background with the game do you have? Have you coached w/ NSC before? ETC).
  • In accordance with club by laws, the Selection Committee uses this information to “slate” coaches in order of most qualified to least qualified.
  • All Slated coaches are then invited to watch tryouts in order to take their own notes on players & see who is participating and interested in playing travel.
  • Following the tryout, the Selection Committee reviews all relevant data to ensure our top slated coaches child is a viable candidate for the Travel Team before notifying them of their selection as Head Coach.
  • Committee confirms the okay to notify the Top Slated Coach prior to Selection Meeting.

NSC Fall 2020 Travel Team Selection Process & Meetings

  • Coaches Evaluation Sheets are sent to DOC 1 week Prior to Tryouts! DUE November 2nd 2020
  • The Travel Team Selection Meeting is scheduled for Sunday Evening November 15th 2020 Via Zoom Call. *Must be current coach of age group in order to attend meeting*

3rd Grade BOYS Selection Meeting
4:00 – 5:00PM

Meeting ID: 895 0484 4922
Password: NSC2020

4th Grade BOYS Selection Meeting
5:00 – 6:00PM

Meeting ID: 875 8554 8134
Password: NSC2020

5th Grade BOYS Selection Meeting
6:00 – 7:00PM

Meeting ID: 883 1333 2422
Password: NSC2020

6th Grade BOYS Selection Meeting
7:00 – 8:00PM

Meeting ID: 816 5774 6261
Password: NSC2020

3rd Grade GIRLS Selection Meeting
4:15 – 5:15PM

Meeting ID: 839 2534 5647
Password: NSC2020

4th Grade GIRLS Selection Meeting
5:15 – 6:15PM

Meeting ID: 895 3980 6703
Password: NSC2020

5th Grade GIRLS Selection Meeting
6:15 – 7:15PM

Meeting ID: 825 0250 1926
Password: NSC2020

6th Grade GIRLS Selection Meeting
7:15 – 8:15PM

Meeting ID: 827 4823 4346
Password: NSC2020

  • Top Slated Coach is given the opportunity to meet with Tryout Coordinator or DOC to look over all relevant data prior to selection meeting scheduled for Sunday Evening November 15th!
  • All Current NSCCL Coaches are invited & strongly encouraged to attend the Travel Team Selection Meeting where all coaches in room can give input and provide feedback on players on their team as well as players they have played against or coached in previous season.
  • Slated Head Coach discusses with the room & reviews both the Tryout Data & Coaches Evaluation forms to help in selecting the Travel Team roster.
  • Boys & Girls Directors collect final rosters at the end of each meeting for each team and send to our club registrar to create teams online.
  • Once team information can be pulled from our registration system and players are confirmed to have registered for the following season, the Head Coach for each team is given opportunity to personally reach out and offer a roster spot to each player selected.
      • When all players confirmed. Email notifications will be sent to thank everyone for participating and inform them that they will be place on a NSCCL roster for the following season.


Spring Travel Team Tryout Process

Every Spring ALL of our current 3rd – 7th Grade players have the option to attend tryouts for and/or be considered to play on one of our 4th-8th Grade Travel teams that play in the BAYS (Boston Area Youth Soccer) league the following Fall & Spring seasons. All 7th/8th Grade players will play on a BAYS travel team, with teams selected via our selection process.
Again, These teams are selected with the aim of competing in the strongest possible division within BAYS. So while tryouts are NOT mandatory in order to be selected, it is strongly recommended if able to attend! All 3rd Grade players, and 4th – 6th Grade players that are not selected for, or that do not wish to be selected for BAYS Travel teams will be placed on teams in our in-town NSCCL program for the following fall season.
The Spring tryouts are normally scheduled around the last weekend of May/first weekend of June and selected teams will represent Needham in various divisions for the following Fall & Spring seasons! Each spring tryouts we will be selecting the following number of travel teams at each age group.
4th Grade – 2 teams each gender playing 7v7. 13 Players Per Roster.
5th Grade – 2 teams each gender playing 9v9. 15 Players Per Roster.
6th Grade – 3 teams each gender playing 9v9. 15 Players Per Roster.
 7th/8th Grade (combined) – All teams travel playing 11v11. 18-22 Players Per Roster.

The Spring Tryout Process, Coach Selection Process & Team Selection Process will be consistent with all age groups as described above for our Fall 3rd Grade Tryout Process. The only difference being that our 7th/8th Grade Tryouts run for 75 minutes with 6 Skills stations to account for more players and give more time for our professional evaluators to score our players.

The exact logistics for when players & coaches need to register, when & where tryouts will take place, when coaches need to submit evaluations & when our selection meeting will take place every Spring will be updated at our earliest possible convenience at the start of each spring season!

However below is our 2018 tryout timeline to use as reference of what to expect next Spring! THIS IS NOT OUR SPRING 2019 SCHEDULE!

Spring 2018 Tryouts For All Age Groups Took Place Saturday June 1st @ DeFazio Park. Coaches interested in potentially coaching a travel team were asked to register by May 17th. Players attending tryouts were asked to register by May 20th.

Boys Times

Current 3rd Grade: 8am

Current 4th Grade: 9.15am

Current 5th Grade: 10.30am

Current 6th/7th Grade: 11.45am

Girls Times

Current 3rd Grade: 2pm

Current 4th Grade: 3.15pm

Current 5th Grade: 4.30pm

Current 6th/7th Grade: 5.45pm

Coaches were asked to submit Player Evaluation Sheets by May 24th Deadline.Travel Team Selection Meeting was set for Sunday Evening, June 9th.


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