Fall Clinics

NSC Development Academy

During the Fall season, we offer additional clinics and training opportunities for dedicated players to develop their game away from their regular team practices. All our clinics are run by professional coaching staff of the New England Revolution Academy.

+ What is the Development Academy?

The Needham Soccer Club Development Academy is a professionally run training program that covers essential ball mastery techniques while using game-based activities to further develop players’ most important skill set.. decision making! This supplemental training program provides an opportunity for our more committed, focused, and passionate players who want further development of their emerging skills, creativity and decision making with professional coaches of the New England Revolution Academy.

This unique program will be offered to players in grades 1-6 who are aspiring towards a “higher level” of play within the game of soccer. Our Revolution Academy coaching staff will work directly with our players to deliver instruction and guidance in a positive, competitive, FUN and safe environment.

If your child loves the game of soccer, wants to push themselves out of their comfort zone and is looking to take their game to the “next level”.. than this is the program for you!

All of Needham Soccer Clubs Clinics use professional coaching staff from The New England Revolution Academy and follows US Soccer’s age appropriate development guidelines for best practices related to group size for development. As a result, space is limited around the number of coaches we have available in order to better manage the group and aim to create the best possible learning environments!

Full Schedule for Fall 2022 Coming Soon! However, Pending Field Permits, ALL sessions for the Fall 2022 Season will take place at Walker Gordon Field! Sessions will run prior to team practices beginning in either 1 of 2 early time slots of 3:45-4:45pm or 4:45-5:45pm so any player who may have practice the same day as their age/group can still participate.

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