BAYS Travel Info

The Needham Soccer Club is a member of the BAYS League. BAYS currently has 55 member towns and is one of the 'town' leagues recognized by Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association.  BAYS offers Fall and Spring outdoor sessions.  Needham has been a member of BAYS since 1969 and is a Founding Father Club of the league.

BAYS is a competitive travel program with Needham Soccer Club teams traveling to other towns on Saturdays (ages U9-U14) and Sunday (ages U15-U18).  Due to the competitiveness and commitment of the program, players (U10-U14) are encouraged to tryout for the teams in the spring for the upcoming fall season.  U9 tryouts are held in the Fall for the spring season.  U15-18's do not tryout and are placed on teams by the club.


Age Group  Seasons  Training  Games  Tryouts  Comments 
U9   Spring Only   2x per Week      Saturdays (10)     Yes     Only 1 team per Gender   
  Spring and Fall       2x per Week   
  Saturdays (10)    Yes   2 teams per Gender   
  Spring and Fall       2x per Week   
  Saturdays (10)    Yes    2 teams per Gender   
  Spring and Fall       2x per Week   
  Saturdays (10)    Yes    2 teams per Gender   
U13-14    Spring and Fall      2x per Week     Saturdays (10)    Yes    5-6 teams per Gender   
U15-18  Spring Only  TBD * Sundays (7)    No    1-3 teams per Gender 

  * U15-U18 Usually do not train during the week occasionally a training program is set up for a team.