Tryouts are held once a year for U10 to U14 age groups.  Those tryouts will be on May 16, 2015
More details will be available soon about the specific tryout schedule and posted here.

Tryout Information 

·         All players should show up 15 minutes prior to their scheduled tryout time to check-in. 

·         Bring a soccer ball (with your name on it) and a drink. 

·         DO NOT WEAR any type of NSCCL, BAYS or Club team jersey to tryouts.

·         No jewelry or earrings.  Shinguards are MANDATORY. Wear cleats.

·         No Food or Drinks other than Water are allowed on the turf fields.  NO Dogs, NO Gum, NO FOOD

·         If the weather is questionable, please check our website before heading out to the fields   for field updates and cancellations.  

·         Tryouts are one of the ways that the Club gathers information used for placement of players on travel teams.  They are not mandatory but are recommended.  If you are interested in being considered for a travel team, you should attend.  If you choose not to tryout, you will be placed on a NSCCL (Champions League) team. 

·         If you are unable to attend at the specific time for your group, contact your current coach and the Needham Soccer Club at . There are no alternate dates –no makeups for tryouts.

·         All parents are asked to stay away from where the tryouts take place.  No cheering or “coaching” or talking or gesturing is allowed.

·         Pre-Approved coaches selected by NSC may attend tryouts to silently observe. They will be instructed where to stand.

·         Players will be asked to complete a series of drills and demonstrate skills that they are familiar with and that are age appropriate.  They will be evaluated by experienced professional trainers

Registration via online system ONLY - deadline is May 10th  Tryouts are open to all players interested in playing on travel team. These tryouts are voluntary and only players interested in playing on travel teams need to attend.  The commitment is for 2 practices per week and 5 home and 5 away games.  Full participation for the full year (fall season, some winter training and spring season) is expected.


A player must be registered in order to attend tryouts and/or to be placed on a team.

We will no longer accept late registrations as they are very time consuming and disruptive to teams and coaches. Please sign up on time in order to be assured a place on a team-- DO NOT WAIT!  REGISTER NOW


Coaches interested in applying to coach a travel team, MUST be registered online by 5/10/15.  The Coaches Selection Committee will meet to review all of the applications and select coaches for all travel teams in accordance with NSC By-Laws.  Please click on the link on the Needham Soccer website to “register to coach” CREATE a coach’s account and then complete the registration.  If you already have a coaches account, login to that and complete the volunteer registration.

Information about our travel team program Players

·          BAYS travel league 

·          Saturday games-- 5 home games; 5 away games

·          2 practices during week

·          All coaches and assistants must be registered ONLINE with Needham Soccer and have a valid BAYS passcard

The club policy is to have two travel teams of each gender for U10, U11 and U12 age groups and ALL U13 & 14 players (7th and 8th graders) are mixed onto U14 BAYS travel teams. Anyone NOT selected for the travel team will be notified via email and transferred into the non-travel program and placed on a NSCCL team.  Team is selected by the coach from the group of registered players.  Players are ranked based on tryout results conducted by professional coaches as well as written Needham Soccer player evaluations and player history, as well as verbal input from coaches in a round table discussion monitored by Board Members and division directors. This year we also have input from our Director of Coaching as well as coaches submitting input with written evals after each game throughout the season.

8v8 teams will have no less than 13 players on each and no more than 15
11v11 teams will have no less than 17 players on each and no more than 22 (sometimes 24)

Team Selection Philosophy
The primary objectives with team selection and player placement include:

·          Every player shall be given the opportunity to tryout for any travel team in their age group

·          No player is guaranteed a position on the travel team

·          The team will be newly selected again in June for the fall season

·          Tryouts will be open to all players interested in playing on the travel team. These tryouts are voluntary and only players interested in playing on travel teams need to attend

·          Every player interested in playing on the travel team must register online for FALL soccer and select "travel program" when registering

·          Any player who attends tryouts will receive an email notifying them of their placement.

Frequently asked questions- FAQ's:


How are travel teams selected? The tryout data and the written coach’s evaluations are used at the travel team selection meeting as well as input from coaches who attend & input from the Director of Coaching.

Who picks the travel teams?  Registered coaches, approved by the coach’s selection committee select their teams in order – The first coach on the slate picks the first team.  Every age appropriate player on the registered player list gets discussed before the final rosters are selected.

How are coaches chosen?  The coach’s selection committee uses many criteria in selecting coaches: service to the Club, coaching experience, coaching licenses held, coaching clinics attended, playing experience, etc. The NSC Executive Board must vote to approve the slate

Can the coach who is selecting the team pick just anyone? No – he/she must use the metrics provided via the tryout data and the coach’s evaluations.  Any coach at the meeting may make a recommendation as to who should be placed on what team.  The Girls and Boys Directors have veto power over any selection if they feel that the choice is not justified based on the data provided.

Are there exceptions to that policy? Yes, if a player missed the tryout and the player is well known to coaches at the selection meeting, that player may be placed accordingly.  In that case, we rely on coach’s feedback and verbal evaluations; or at the discretion of the Coordinator.

Why are there no U9 tryouts in late spring?  Because we assign the rising Junior Academy players and other players entering Needham Soccer club on NSCCL teams randomly in the fall.  There are no U9 travel teams in the fall.

How many U9 travel teams are there? There will be ONE U9 Travel team in Spring in each gender.  Our first objective is to develop soccer players.  We created the NSCCL program to do just that.  By providing practice time, clinics with professional trainers and a non-travel league so that players can develop basic skills and learn the game.

If you have any further questions, you can always find more information on our website   or email the club at