NSC will reimburse NSC teams for up to two tournaments per year - one in the fall and one in the spring. Guest players may be utilized if NSC players are not available but a minimum of 90% of the team must be NSC players. Any guest player MUST be cleared through the soccer office at least ONE MONTH prior to the event.

The following tournament is offered and paid for by NSC:

-The Needham Memorial Day Tournament for D1 and D2 BAYS Travel teams (Spring season)
-Tournament Entry fees are waived for the Needham BAYS teams, provided that parents of the team volunteer their time during the tournament weekend

NSC teams may enter local tournaments during the year.  Entry fees will be reimbursed by the club, provided that a receipt is provided. Email the receipt to the soccer office, provide your mailing address and the club treasuer will mail a reimbursement check to you.

Tournament Teams

Coaches who create a team of NSCCL players from various NSCCL teams and would like to participate in a tournament in the either the spring or fall season must make a written request to the NSC board for approval. This special request means that players cannot be playing for another NSC team in the same tournament.  All players on a tournament team MUST be registered through NSC Soccer Office. NSC has loaner jerseys to borrow - contact the Club Administrator for details.

NSC teams entering winter indoor/outdoor tournaments (December – March) will not be reimbursed.

Be sure to comply with all "guest player" rules and contact the Club Administrator to ensure that all coaches and players are registered, insured and in compliance with all tournament and club rules.  

Contact the Club Administrator at least 2 weeks prior to any tournament to obtain official tournament rosters.  Allow plenty of time for processing.